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"The Admissions department at Albany Technical College is your first point of contact when you become a student. We process your admissions applications and provide testing services for college admittance.

Our offices are located in the Kirkland Administration Building, in Room 124. The Admissions office at Albany Technical College is here to help you with all your admissions and testing needs."

The Acceptance letter you received in the mail contains valuable information about your enrollment at Albany Technical College. The following information is included in your acceptance letter:

  • Your Student Identification Number, which begins with 900
  • Your Program of Study
  • Your Program Advisor
  • The semester you have been accepted for
  • Registration dates
  • Payment deadline

Please make note of your student ID number. You will use this number on all forms and documents you complete with Albany Technical College.

If you need to request a name change, update your address or phone number, please fill out the change of address form.