Security and Safety

Albany Technical College recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe and secure environment in which the education and personal accomplishments of its members can be fully realized. Yet, it is only through collective community efforts that we can achieve this goal.

Faculty, staff or visitors should report questioned activity/incidents to a Security Officer on duty; students should report these activities to their instructor or the first available college staff member. The faculty member or staff member should immediately contact Campus Security by calling (229) 430-3500. After business hours, contact Brown Security at (229) 886-9800 (Monday – Friday from 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM and weekends). At the Randolph County Learning Center, call (229) 732-5829 and after hours call 911.

This procedure is not intended to impede the reporting of an emergency directly to the appropriate party (i.e. Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance, etc.). In extreme emergencies, please call 911 and immediately report the situation to an Albany Technical College staff member.

The college maintains an excellent working relationship with its local police departments. Crimes involving major property loss or a felony are reported to the city police for prosecution.

As students, employees or guests, you can, to a great extent, add to or detract from our efforts to keep criminal activity on the campuses to a minimal level. To that end, here are a few safety tips, which we hope you will read and follow:

  • DO Report all crimes or suspicious activity to campus security or the police.
  • DO Mark personal property such as books, calculators, cell phones, adaptive equipment, etc., with a secret pin number or some form of identification.
  • DO Protect your personal property just as you would protect your money or other valuables.
  • DON'T leave personal items unattended, including books, jewelry and backpacks.
  • DON'T leave valuable items on or in your car.
  • DON'T leave purses in desks or file cabinets unless they are locked.
  • DON'T leave personal items unattended on restroom vanities.

In accordance with Public Law 101-226, Section 22, Albany Technical College declares itself a Drug and Alcohol-Free campus. No student may engage in the unlawful manufacture, possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on the college's property or as part of any of its sponsored activities. Such lawful activity may be considered grounds for serious punitive action, including expulsion. The policy extends to vehicles, as well as clinical affiliates. Specifically, in the case of a drug-related offense, the student shall be suspended for the remainder of the semester and forfeit any academic credit for that period.

It is unlawful for an individual to bring, possess or have under such person's control any explosive compound, firearm or knife designed for the purpose of offense or defense while on the Albany Tech campuses. The provisions of this policy also include, but are not limited to, any function or event of, or at any of the State's technical colleges, its campuses, satellites, buildings, vehicles or involving its employees or students. Having a license to carry a pistol is no justification under this policy. However, these provisions do not apply to those persons who are specifically exempted by law, including school personnel who are authorized to carry weapons, including campus police or security officers, state or federal prosecuting attorneys, federal law enforcement officers and public safety directors.

For more information about these policies, please refer to the Student Handbook.