STARS Retention Services

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"The STARS and Retention Services team and Albany Technical College provides student tracking and retention services.

There are three STARS counselors who are here to assist you with making academic decisions such as withdrawing from college, or dropping a course.

We understand life does not go always as planned, and the STARS team is here to offer assistance in the following areas: poor grades, lack of ability to concentrate, poor study habits, financial aid concerns, family or social situations, and more.

Students may be referred for assistance by an instructor for academic counseling and study skills workshops.

Our Albany Tech STARS councilors strive to guide you towards your academic goals by providing information, references and counseling, however, you must be the ultimate one to make the choices and be in full control of your educational experience.

STARS is your resource to help you succeed! You can visit the STARS retention service office in the student affairs division located in the Kirkland Administration Building".

The program targets first-semester students and consists of three key objectives:

  • Encouraging the development of academic competence
  • Providing ongoing orientation to campus resources and services
  • Helping to identify early on students who require additional support

The STARS Team members are here talk to students about their study habits, work schedule, motivation, career goals, and much more. We may also refer the student to an outside agency that can better assist in addressing the problem areas.

The STARS Team:

Programs have been assigned to each STARS Counselor.