August 26, 2015- Albany, GA- The Albany Technical College Associate of Science (ASN) program was ranked #52 in the Nurse Journal's Top 100 Best Nursing Schools listing for 2015 for the Eastern Region of the U.S. The ASN program was started at Albany Tech in 2013 with the first class graduating in April of 2015. The second program cohort just started the fall term at Albany Tech on August 19.

According to Nurse Journal, there are several factors involved with choosing schools to make the list. Nineteen metrics are placed into five categories, including quality, affordability, convenience, satisfaction, and value. Quality factors included NCLEX Pass Rate, Nursing Program accreditation, highest awards, graduation rates, and quality.

"The ASN program here at Albany Tech is a new program and the faculty is honored to be listed with such an impressive list of colleges and schools of nursing," said Mattie Buchannon, Dean of the Health Care Technology division at Albany Technical College.

Having graduated the first cohort of graduates this past spring, the program had some challenges, but they were met head on and Buchannon attributes that to the expertise and compassion of the faculty and how well this reflected in the performance of the students.

"They were challenged to bend, but they held their integrity and challenged the students to rise to the high standards that were established," said Buchannon.

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