October 27, 2015 - Albany, GA - On Wednesday, October 28th, Albany Technical College will be the kickoff host for EMBARK ALBANY, a collaborative program part of EMBARK GEORGIA, a statewide network serving post- secondary professionals and institutions to ensure connectivity, share best practices, and provide information exchange among youth.

The event is a joint effort between Albany Technical College, Albany State University, Darton State College, and the Dougherty County School System. The event will kick off on Albany Tech's campus from 8am to 10am on Wednesday, October 28th, in the Kirkland Conference Center, and then, move to Darton State College, Albany State University, and the Dougherty County School System.

A project based at the J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development at the University of Georgia, EMBARK is designed to increase college access for youth who have experienced foster care of homelessness. Students who have experienced these factors in their lives face significant challenges when pursuing a post- secondary education due to a multitude of factors, including diminished access to financial resources, instability while in high school, and significantly reduced social capital.

The vision of EMBARK is that any person who has experienced foster care and/or homelessness will have ample academic, financial, social, and emotional supports to access, navigate and complete a post-secondary education. Albany Tech provides a Special Populations program to address needs at its campus. Carla Jester- Harrell, Special Populations Coordinator at Albany Tech, provides students with these services daily at the campus.

"Our goal is to provide a platform for sharing information and best practices among Albany Tech and our sister institutions so that these students have more intentional services available to them," said Jester-Harrell.

The students will end their day at 3:30pm. Each campus will provide a staff panel, meal and snack while receiving enrollment information.

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