May 9, 2016 - Albany, GA - Albany Technical College's Special Needs department will host a one-day Transition Summit for middle and high school students with disabilities on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, from 10am to 2pm, in the Kirkland Conference Center. The closing session will feature motivational speaker Larry Milledge, owner of Gladiator Instructional Services.

With workshops open to parents, teachers, and other professionals who are at the forefront of assuring success for individuals with disabilities, the summit will provide a wide range of information on transitioning to postsecondary education or employment. Each workshop will cover topics such as opportunities after high school, self-advocacy and leadership, vocational rehabilitation services, life choices, how to apply to postsecondary education, financial aid processes, disability laws, assistive technology options, and more.

The Special Needs department at Albany Tech focuses on ensuring the college's facilities, programs, and activities are accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Counseling and Special Needs Coordinator provides assistance and services to ensure accessibility and to meet the diverse needs of students with disabilities who are interested in and can benefit from the many programs offered at Albany Tech.


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