July 30, 2014- Albany, GA- Albany Technical College's Health Care Technology Division will hold the spring Capping and Pinning Ceremony on Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 6pm, in the Kirkland Conference Center.

Nearly 60 students will be presented in the following program areas: Practical Nursing, Dental Assisting, Medical Assisting, Paramedicine, and Pharmacy Technology.

Guest Speaker for the ceremony will be Suzette Profit, LPN. In 1996, Profit earned her diploma in Practical Nursing from Albany Tech. She was part of the first graduating class in the Practical Nursing program at Albany Tech after the flood of 1994. After this disaster, the road to recovery for our community helped to reveal the strength and determination of its members. The way individuals came together to help each other move past the devastation and grow toward a brighter future is the same principles seen in the dedication of Profit.

Currently employed by Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital as a school nurse, Profit uses her influence on the children to help them live up to their full potential. Her passion for being a valuable resource to the community is evident by her work that goes beyond the time she clocks out as an employee. She volunteers on a regular basis in various after-school programs and is famous for saying, "we must help these children to grow, be positive, honest, and work hard to succeed, because they are our future pastors, doctors, lawyers, nurses, and the list goes on."

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