January 12, 2015- Albany, GA- With grades in for the fall semester that ended in December at Albany Technical College, Paramedic Technology students soared with all 15 students who graduated scoring 100 percent the first time on their National Registry Certification Exam.

Among the 100 percent pass rate, this group of Paramedic Technology students also hold other impressive accomplishments. The 2014 class had zero attrition, which means the class began with 15 students and finished with 15. Of the 15 students, 14 are working in the Emergency Management Services field and one is about to begin medical school. Paramedic students are typically employed in a full-time EMS job when they come into the program at Albany Tech.

"We believe in fostering hope and success among our student population," said James McPherson, Chair of the Paramedic Technology program at Albany Technical College. McPherson said that with the emotional and financial toll that our students face, he believes in giving them every opportunity to succeed.

"We are excited about what our graduates offer to the EMS community," added McPherson.

While the majority of Paramedic students at Albany Tech are already employed, their employers are always anxious to advance them into a paramedic position, which opens the door for a job as an Advanced EMT.

When compared to the national first time pass rate of 77 percent, McPherson said having a 100 percent first time pass rate is extraordinary.


Albany Tech Paramedic Technology students in training.