January 14, 2015- Albany, GA from WFXL- "Seamless education. Endless possibilities."

That was the title of the open forum on education hosted by Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard. In attendence were representatives from Albany State University, Albany Technical College, Darton State College, Dougherty County School System and Turner Job Corps Center.

According to Mayor Hubbard, a thriving community is an educated community and the key to an educated community is having a system that works together.

The concept of partnerships was repeated on both sides of the forum.

"I think we have to look at our educational institutions not as separate entities but as one educational system for Dougherty County," said Clifford Porter from Albany State University.

Mayor Hubbard wants the community to rally behind them because "they are here to help this community."

But it's not just the education institutions that need to come together. Ports said, "We need our business community to pull together and partner with us"

There has been a clear overlap in education facilities and their ability to impact the business realm. As part of her campaign for economic development, Mayor Hubbard has noticed the importance of education in recruiting businesses to move to Albany.

"Industry and people who are providing jobs are not going to bring those jobs here if we don't have the educated work force to help them to make a profit," said Mayor Hubbard.

The focus wasn't only on the negatives, the forum acknowledged the strong system we already have here for students hoping to build careers.

"The opportunities are here for the young people in this community," said Mayor Hubbard

"Really you don't have to leave Albany, said Porter. "You can get your education here and then you can invest in this community and make it a better place."

Mayor Hubbard said she plans to hold additional forums in hopes that they can continue to make more progress.

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