February 16, 2015- Albany, GA from The Albany Herald- ...The LightHouse in Lee County provides support and resources for victims of child abuse, and officials with the facility say they plan to increase services and see more children. Registered nurses through the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program will conduct interviews and medical exams at odd hours as needed. Miss Lee County High School Kendall Daughtry has just wrapped up a snack drive for the LightHouse. Children may be hungry when they arrive or simply more relaxed with a familiar snack food as they are interviewed. The drive brought individual cookie packs, fruit snacks, crackers, drinks and much more. In fact, the number of donated snack packs numbered well beyond 500. Thank you for heading up the drive, Kendall, and thanks to everyone who contributed.

As the Georgia General Assembly works its way through another year's session, a number of bills are up for consideration. Some are notably more sensible than others. State House District 152 Rep. Ed Rynders, R-Leesburg, is the co-sponsor of a bill that not only makes sense but will save money for smaller jurisdictions across the state and still provide voters ample opportunities to cast their ballots in upcoming elections. Early voting would take place for 12 days across the state and allow for the local option of a second Saturday or Sunday four-hour voting period. The number of precincts open for early voting would not be limited. Currently, state law requires each polling location to have three employees on site while open, an expense many communities struggle to afford. If passed, HB 194, with the additional option of a four-hour weekend voting time, will give those wishing to do so 100 hours to make it to the ballot box. Make that 112 hours. There is, after all, still a 12-hour election day. Fair and uniform, this is perhaps the greatest no-brainer before the legislature.

Basketball is king this time of year, and a milestone was reached last week for Darton State College Lady Cavaliers coach Lea Henry. A 68-57 victory over Atlanta Metro on Wednesday marked Henry's 400th career coaching win. Darton's assistant coach, Courtney Pritchett, said that Henry's influence goes well beyond the basketball court, teaching the young ladies on the team to be good people, good mothers, good wives and good leaders in the community. Congratulations, Coach Henry.

Albany Technical College has a Law Enforcement Technology courtroom lab that is perhaps the most unique anywhere. The oak judge's bench, jury box and other items that served in the federal courthouse in Albany for about a century now have a new home. The court, now located in the Griggs Building, better known as the downtown post office, is available for lease, but leasing agent Frances Krack has yet to find a new occupant. Part of the issue was the monstrous furnishings in the space. Fortunately, ATC instructor Lynn Miller heard of Krack's dilemma and the rest is history. The pieces had to be disassembled to be moved and then reassembled upon arrival at ATC, at which time a shipping mark and 1911 date was found under the judge's bench. The space at the Griggs Building is more marketable, students get a real courtroom experience and a great piece of Albany history has been preserved. That's what one might call a win-win-win situation.

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