Albany, Georgia – Albany Technical College is announcing a change in their admissions testing process making it easier for many students to enroll in programs at the College.  For many people who want to enter or re-enter College programs or for high school students, this may mean bypassing admissions testing altogether.

To take advantage of this policy change, Albany Tech officials invite anyone who has considered advancing their skills to get a better paying job or to continue their education, to come to campus and speak with admissions specialists who can advise individuals on how to get started.  This policy is open at several different admissions entry points -- high school students; students entering college for the first time; or students who have already earned a technical college certificate of credit or diploma.  All of these individuals may be able to enter classes and get started on college and career training without admissions testing. 

Dr. Anthony Parker, President of Albany Technical College, commented, “For some students, standardized test scores may not be an accurate reflection of academic ability or potential.  This policy change will allow us to assess an individual with other recognized aptitude markers such as grade point average.  We want to streamline the process and eliminate any retesting of abilities that have already been performed.”

Albany Tech’s updated admissions policy joins a current trend at colleges and universities across the nation.  In a recent news article posted by KDVR, a Denver, Colorado, FOX television affiliate, it was reported that more than 1,000 college and universities across the U.S. have updated policies to become test-optional schools.  These institutions include Wake Forest University, American University, and the University of Denver.1

This trend was emerging as early as summer 2015 when Forbes magazine published an article that listed Georgie Washington University as another prominent school to lead this trend with a test-optional policy for admissions.  At that time, university officials said that they had adopted the policy to ensure that students with lower test scores, but strong academics would apply and enroll at the university.2

For additional information about the new Admissions policy at Albany Technical College, contact the Admissions office at 229-430-5281 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

New Admissions Exemption Policy Details

  • Certificate or Diploma Graduates from Albany Tech
    Students who have successfully completed a technical college certificate of credit or diploma program with a GPA of 2.5 or higher within five years of their admissions request will be exempt from admissions testing for the next advanced level within the program group family.  This applies to all non-healthcare and non-engineering technology related technical programs with embedded levels of completion tracks at Albany Technical College.  A minimum of 18 credit hours must have been earned at Albany Technical College. 
  • High School Students
    High school graduates with a GPA of 2.0 or higher will be exempt from testing.  Those currently enrolled beyond the 10th grade will require a GPA of 2.6.  High school students who enroll in one of the targeted certificate programs of study in the Governor’s Critical Need Initiative can get extra financial support to cover any remaining tuition. 
  • High School Diploma or GED
    For any person who has received a high school diploma or GED, enrollment is also open in one of the 17 Governor’s Critical Need Initiative programs of study and the Hope Career Grant is also available.  In order to be eligible for the Hope Career Grant, full-time enrollment in a certificate or diploma program is not required and students are not required to graduate from high school with a specific GPA.


2 Forbes, July 30, 2015

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