Transfer Admissions Requirements

Applicants to ATC who have been previously enrolled at a post-secondary institution will be considered for admission under the following criteria:

  • Applicants who are in good standing at their previous institution may be accepted in good standing.
  • Applicants who are on academic probation at their previous institution may be accepted only on academic probation.
  • Applicants who are on academic or disciplinary suspension will NOT be accepted unless they have satisfied the conditions of their suspension and are eligible for re-admission into their former college.

Applicants for transfer admission must submit the following to the Admissions Office:

  1. Application for admission
  2. Official transcript(s) from each post-secondary institution attended
  3. Official high school transcript
  4. SAT, ACT, CPE or other nationally recognized admissions placement test scores.

*Admissions placement testing may not be required for applicants who are in good standing at a regionally accredited institution.

Applicants must complete 25 percent of their coursework from Albany Technical College in order to graduate from ATC.

Transfer credit may be awarded for courses completed with a "C" or better from a regionally accredited technical college, college or university.

Transient Students Admissions Requirements

ATC students desiring to take a course or courses from another accredited institution must have prior approval from the ATC registrar and be in good standing. It is the student's responsibility to apply to the institution he or she wishes to attend as a transient student and have a transcript sent to ATC at the end of the semester in order for the grade to be issued as a transfer grade. Only grades of "C" or better are accepted as transfer grades.

If transient status is not approved, courses will NOT be eligible for transfer to an ATC program of study.

Out-of-area students wishing to attend ATC as a transient student must do the following:

  1. Submit an application.
  2. Present a statement from the registrar of the parent institution showing the student is in good standing and eligible to return to that institution.
  3. Pay the ATC schedule of fees.

The 25-credit-hour maximum may be waived for transient students upon the recommendation of the parent institution. 

Readmission guidelines

Students who have not attended ATC for more than one semester or who withdrew voluntarily or were suspended during their last semester of enrollment may apply to re-enter at the beginning of any semester as a returning student. Applications to re-enter must be made through the Office of Admissions. Reapplication does not guarantee acceptance.

Students re-entering after being suspended must meet their conditions of re-entry as established by the disciplinary committee.