PBI Grant Photo of African American man studying

Albany Technical College was awarded the Predominantly Black Institute (PBI) Grant from the Department of Education. The purpose of the grant is to enhance online learning and student support services. By enhancing services, we hope to improve educational outcomes for all students.

The goal of the grant is to: (1) strengthen the design and delivery of online courses; (2) provide faculty professional development workshops on best practices in online course pedagogy; and (3) provide online student support services and self­service tools such as tutoring, academic advising, financial aid services, library resources, and other services afforded to on­-campus students.

The project is designed to improve the quality of learning and promote a more engaging and interactive environment through the redesign of online courses, further strengthening the priority of achieved student success. We also aim to improve online course retention and completion by assisting students with online student support services and self­-service tools. Finally, the project intends to increase faculty involvement in online instruction and better prepare faculty to teach in the online environment.

PBI Project Contact

Danon Holmes
PBI Program Manager
(229) 430­-5294
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.