Program Description

The Industrial Operations Technician TCC will provide an entry level pool of applicants for local manufacturing employers that will be designated “ready for hire”. Graduates will have skills that will develop manufacturing capabilities and build the technical fundamentals which will allow for accelerated growth in the work force. Upon successful completion, the candidate will have a higher base to build from than comparable new hires with no experience in a manufacturing environment. The program will provide a pool of entry level, non-exempt employees with the required fundamental qualification (work history, math capability, mechanical capability, ability to follow direction, ability to multi-task, etc.) ready for on the job manufacturing training.

Industrial Operations Technician Certificate
Essential Courses
EMPL 1000 Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development
MGMT 1310 Intro to Quality Assurance
MGMT 1315 Define & Measure
MGMT 1320 Analyze \ Improve \Control
MGMT 1325 Strategies of Operations Management 3
IDSY 1170 Industrial Mechanics 4

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Program Admission Information

High school diploma or GED Required for admission.


Min. ScoresDegreeDiploma
Sentence Skills 70  
Reading Comp. 64  
Arithmetic N/A  
Algebra 57  

Instructors & Faculty