Program Description

The Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling degree program provides students with the educational coursework to become an addictions counselor. Students are prepared to provide counseling, career advice, and therapeutic services to substance abusers and their families. The program provides training in drug, alcohol, and crisis intervention, along with courses in psychology and communication.


Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling graduates will have the ability to work in a variety of positions related to human services such as psychology, rehabilitation, and social work. Many work for nonprofit organizations, for-profit social service agencies, and state and local governments. They generally work full time, and some work nights and weekends.

Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling (62 hrs)
core courses
ENGL 1101 Composition and Rhetoric
MATH 1111 College Algebra
PSYC 1101 Introductory Psychology
HUMN 1101 Introduction to Humanities
Area II: Social/Behavioral Sciences (Choose 1)
ECON 1101 Principles of Economics
SOCI 1101 Introduction to Sociology (3)
Addiction and Substance Abuse Counseling
occupational courses
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computer Literacy
ASAC 1000 Addictions, Theories, and Treatments
ASAC 1001 Group Theory Counseling 3
ASAC 1002 Substance Abuse Addiction Overview 3
ASAC 1003 Multicultural Issues
ASAC 1004 Biopsychosocial/ Case Management with Families
ASAC 1005 Current Trends in Addiction and Mental Health Substance Abuse Case Management 3
ASAC 1006 Theories of Counseling 3
ASAC 1007 Prevention and Educating the Family & Community 3
ASAC 1008 Professional Counseling, Identity and Ethics 3
ASAC 1009 Practicum 3
ASAC 1010 Substance Abuse Counseling 3
ASAC 1011 Crisis Intervention 3
Select from the following courses (6 hrs)
PHAR 1040 Pharmacology (4)
MAST 1030 Pharmacology in the Medical Office (4)
HIMT 1350 Pharmacotherapy (4)
HIMT 1360 Introduction to Pathopharmacotherapy (3)

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Program Admission Information

High school diploma or GED Required for admission.


Min. ScoresDegreeDiploma
Sentence Skills 70  
Reading Comp. 64  
Arithmetic 34  
Algebra 57  

Instructors & Faculty