Program Description

The Residential Energy Efficiency Technology program introduces students to the tenets and practices behind the sustainable construction movement. Students are introduced to the methods and philosophies behind green building and energy efficient residential structures. Classroom lecture is combined with real hands on experience gained from inspection of existing homes. The program includes a Live Work component that provides students an opportunity to learn real world skills while performing testing and calculations on actual homes. The curriculum mirrors that required from BPI (Building Performance Institute Inc.) to achieve BPI certifications. Graduates should complete a week long certification course with an approved BPI test center to achieve the BPI Building Analyst Certification. This program prepares students for the BPI course and other certification courses.

Actual Job/Career

The Residential Energy Efficiency Technology diploma will prepare the student for obtaining their BPI (Building Performance Institute) certification at a certified training center. The student will also be able to be employed nationwide with several companies seeking employees for weatherization technician, energy specialists, energy auditor, field inspector, energy star inspector/rater just to name a few. HVAC contractors will also need employees that are BPI certified or trained in energy efficiency and green building techniques. Home owners will also be taking this course for simply the reason of making modifications to their own home in order to reduce their utility bill and tighten up and air leaks and energy consumption.

There are no available degrees at this time, please check back with us regularly as new programs are added regularly.

Residential Energy Efficiency Technology Diploma (54 hrs)
core courses
ENGL 1010 Fundamentals of English I
MATH 1012 Foundations of Mathematics
EMPL 1000 Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development
Residential Energy Efficiency Technology
occupational courses
COLL 1020 College Success
GRBT 1001 Introduction to Green Building
GRBT 1003 Energy Measures and Efficiency
GRBT 1004 Energy Efficient Mechanical Systems
GRBT 1005 Green Building Construction Techniques
CMTT 2200 Building Analyst Professional
CMTT 2210 Envelope Professional
CMTT 2220 Energy Audit Heat Specialist
CMTT 2230 Home Energy Audit AC/Heat Pump
CMTT 2050 Residential Code Review
ALET 1010 Photovoltaic Systems and Installation
COFC 1000 Residential Code Review 3

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Program Admission Information

High school diploma or GED Required for admission.


Min. ScoresDegreeDiploma
Sentence Skills   60
Reading Comp.   55
Arithmetic   34
Algebra   N/A

Instructors & Faculty