Dr. Anthony O. Parker

Dear Regional Employer:

The 2020 and 2021 graduates of Albany Technical College are especially talented, focused, and motivated to succeed. As president, I’m proud to write this endorsement of their accomplishments.

If you are looking to employ someone who is driven to succeed, adaptive, and resilient, then I recommend that you consider our over 2,000 graduates of the pandemic era. Our pandemic era graduates completed technical certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees under extraordinary circumstances. Albany Tech’s pandemic era graduates didn’t waiver in the face of adversity. They excelled in rigorous academic and technical coursework.

Each graduate prepared themselves for a successful career. When COVID-19 protocols forced them to leave the campus, they continued their course work through online learning. They balanced study with work and family obligations.   When limited labs were available, they put their fears aside and came back to campus. They addressed the challenges presented by COVID in a way that respected and supported their fellow students and faculty. They created a thriving educational community of shared purpose in spite of all the adversity that they faced.

If your organization is seeking a talented graduate with demonstrated work ethics and a warranty of the skills that they need to contribute to the success of your business, please contact us. If you would benefit from the resolve of a student who likely endured two tornados, a hurricane, and a global pandemic to complete their education, we have the right graduate for you. The classes of 2020 and 2021 have my highest recommendation. They are TITAN strong!

Anthony O. Parker
Albany Technical College