Dr. Anthony O. Parker

Each spring I take the opportunity to remind regional employers of the confidence that the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) has in graduates from all 22 colleges. We teach, and hopefully model, good work ethics for our students. Each student earns a work ethics grade that’s included on their transcript. We encourage employers to review and to consider each graduate’s work ethics grades. When graduates have comparable academic achievements, we encourage hiring managers to give graduates with better work ethics grades a higher priority.

We also warrantee the skill sets acquired by program graduates. If a graduate does not meet an agreed-upon industry standard, Albany Technical College will re-educate the graduate in the deficient areas. The employer is required to document the deficiency using a warranty claim form before retraining will be considered. If agreed that a warranty claim is justified, the graduate will be retrained at no direct cost to the employer or the graduate. However, the student must be a graduate in order for the warranty claim to be a valid remedy.

Confidence in graduate quality is usually gained through the application and interview process. TCSG colleges provide additional information concerning a graduate’s qualifications. Employers can request a transcript that indicates the graduate’s demonstrated work ethic. Further, if the graduates do not meet standards for a critical competency, an employer can request graduate retraining. Our faculty understands that the quality of their instruction correlates with the success of our graduates. We embrace the opportunity to have our students’ talents and competence evaluated. It’s our intention to continue improvement in teaching pedagogy to make it more likely that our graduates will meet or exceed industry standards. Albany Technical College stands ready to help local employers meet their employment goals.