Dr. Anthony O. Parker

Albany Technical College is proud that we have been given the responsibility for workforce education in seven counties in SW Georgia. We are willing to be accountable for delivering high-quality relevant instruction in adult education, credit instruction, contract training, and continuing education. I’m pleased with the breadth of instructional opportunities that ATC provides to citizens of the region of Georgia. Because of the quality faculty and staff that we employ, we can offer seven business, thirteen construction, four engineering/electronics, fifteen allied health, six information technology, four leadership, four logistics/operation, seven manufacturing support, six personal services, four public safety, and four transportation programs. Our credit programs are offered at the associate degree, diploma, and certificate levels. Our associate degree graduates have pathways to 14 four-year colleges and universities.

The net we cast provides relevant opportunities for our graduates to contribute to regional employers. TITLE IV, high school dual enrollment, and HOPE financial aid go far to help remove the barrier of cost. However, a significant number of prospective students that live outside of the areas served by public transportation do not have reliable transportation.  Building a new campus is not likely the answer. The sparse population density between Dougherty County and the Chattahoochee River makes it unlikely that locating a full campus in a service delivery area county west of our main campus would provide an adequate return on taxpayer dollars.

However, Albany Tech’s Leadership Team and the Board of Directors have not been deterred from meeting its responsibility to our college’s more rural constituents.  We offer adult education at college-owned learning centers in Randolph and Calhoun Counties. We currently lease adult education sites in Baker, Clay, Lee, and Terrell Counties and have plans to establish a learning center in Lee County.  Unfortunately, this is still not enough. We intend to roll out an improved delivery format for distance education in the fall term.  We will adapt instructional delivery in most programs to a hybrid format.  

We will encourage our students to take advantage of student housing. The Scene at Sand Hills is a private housing development for students wishing to attend Albany Technical College or Albany State University and could provide opportunities for students who need a quality technical education but do not have reliable transportation.  The Scene is located at the intersection of Radium Springs Road and Whitley Ave.  Albany Public Transit currently operates a route from the site to Albany Technical College, Albany State University West Campus, and nearby shopping.  The site is located adjacent to the Albany State University East Campus on Radium Springs Road.  The facility is within walking distance from downtown Albany. The property will be under the jurisdiction of the Albany State University Police Department. It is planned for two APD police officers to live on site. The site is located next door to Hyper Gymnasium where the ATC Lady Titans and Titans play basketball and only a few steps from the ASU football stadium where the Golden Rams compete on the gridiron.

In summary, enhancing distance education, establishing new adult education learning centers, and encouraging prospects to consider student housing will likely grow the number of technical college graduates for Albany Tech’s service delivery area.  Most importantly student housing provided by private developers will provide dependable access to our campus on Slappey Drive to students without reliable transportation.