Dr. Anthony O. Parker

What is talent? Who has talent? Do all individuals have the right to rise as far as talent will take them? Do all individuals have the responsibility to utilize their talent for the benefit of their family and community?

My observations over the past almost 67 years about talent keeps me optimistic about the continued greatness of my country and my state. I’ve noted that talent is no respecter of race. Most of us know people who are Black, Caucasian, Oriental and Hispanic who exhibit greatness. Talent is no respecter of gender. We know men and women who are truck drivers, nurses, physicians, fire fighters, military officers, attorneys, etc. Talent is no respecter of affluence. Starting life with family privilege does not guarantee one to have the talent needed to exhibit greatness. Talent is no respecter of age. Many will provide their greatest contributions as an AARP member while others may exhibit greatness for the first time as an adolescence. Talent is no respecter of geography. Citizens from California and New York are no more likely to have any additional talent than citizens from Georgia or New Mexico. Talent is no respecter of national origin. Citizens who have ancestors from Norway are no more likely to have more talent than those with ancestry from Rhodesia.

Talent, still however, is not distributed equally. It would be ridiculous to assume that each golfer has the talent to play as well as Tiger Woods. No matter how much we practice, most of us will not likely play the piano as well as Alicia Keys. No matter how much we study, few will be as great an inventor as Thomas Edison or as great a scientist as George Washington Carver. Each of us, however, has the ability to do something well, and most of us have several talents. Each of us can be great at something, and all talents have the potential for development.

According to the Hebrew Bible, none of us have the right to waste our talents. They are gifts provided by GOD. If so, they must be nurtured, developed and strengthened through education. Talent should be used for the betterment of your family, community, and personal wellbeing. Each of us are trustees of our GOD given talent. The Georgia Department of Education, the University System of Georgia, and especially the Technical College System of Georgia are available to assist you in developing and nurturing what has been bestowed upon you.