Dr. Anthony O. Parker

Our community is in the unique position of expecting thousands of vacancies for technically educated individuals. Most of these vacancies will come about through normal attrition and retirements. Simultaneously, we could expect thousands of adults to be under-employed or unemployed. Not filling these vacancies would have dire consequences. It will be a greater challenge to recruit new industries if we don’t resolve the workforce needs of existing employers. However, I am optimistic that we will eventually generate added affluence by filling expected vacancies for the employers of the Second Congressional District of Georgia. 

Who will fill the vacancies?  Will we be forced to import skilled labor from outside of the Service Delivery Area and the region?  Or, will we create local wealth by preparing our neighbors to contribute at a higher level?  Obviously, our community will welcome anyone who makes a positive contribution.  Many of us moved to southwest Georgia.  It would be hypocritical for us not to welcome other contributors.  However, it would be a shame if we didn’t encourage our neighbors to take the steps needed to create their own prosperity.

Adult education plus career education, high school dual enrollment, and traditional technical / workforce education represent the rising tide that will lift all boats.