Dr. Anthony O. Parker

Georgia’s Fall Line is the rough geographic boundary between North and South Georgia.  It stretches from Augusta through Macon to Columbus.  Most of Georgia’s population reside in counties on or north of the area.  Most of Georgia’s metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) are located on or above the Fall Line.  Consequently, one might expect that because of the law of large numbers, any event involving people is more likely to occur where more people reside.

On April 18, 2019, the law of large numbers was temporarily repealed.  Erdrich USA Inc. from Dublin, Briggs & Stratton from Statesboro, and Procter & Gamble from Albany were recognized by Governor Brian Kemp as the small, medium, and large manufacturers of the year.  Each provided a significant investment in new capital and employment in their region.  Each made significant contributions to the quality of life in their communities.   Each was supported by the Technical College System of Georgia and Georgia Quick Start.  Oconee Fall Line Technical College, Ogeechee Technical College, and Albany Technical College each actively participate in solving the workforce needs of these three companies designated as manufacturers of the year.

The Albany Technical College team is fortunate to have been charged with the responsibility of serving Procter & Gamble.  A contingent of high school students who are enrolled at Albany Tech and the Commodore Conyers College and Career Academy complete technical certificates in Industrial Operations Technology (IOT).  The IOT curriculum was developed with guidance from P&G and other members of the Albany Industrial Round Table.  The Albany Tech team enhanced the CDL and Diesel Technology programs to assist P&G and other local manufacturers in reducing their distribution costs through the Albany Transportation Academy.

The citizens of Albany, Dougherty County, and all of Southwest Georgia are appreciative of the contributions made by Procter & Gamble.   The entire community is proud to be a part of what made them Georgia’s Large Manufacturer of the Year for 2019.   Great things occur in small communities.  Often these small communities are located below Georgia’s Fall Line.