Instructional Positions

Adult Education Math Teacher-PT I1350

Click to download:  Adult Education Math Teacher-PT I1350.pdf

Adult Education Teacher-FT AE1413 (Dougherty Randolph)

Click to download:  Adult Education Teacher-FT AE1413.pdf

Automotive Technology Instructor-PT I1415

Click to download:  Automotive Technology Instructor-PT I1415.pdf

Child Development Center Teacher-PT & Subs CDC1413

Click to download:  Child Development Center Teacher-PT & Subs CDC1413.pdf

CIS Networking Specialist Instructor-FT I1352

Click to download:  CIS Networking Specialist Instructor-FT I1352.pdf

CIS PC Maintenance Support Specialist-PT I1342

Click to download:  CIS PC Maintenance Support Specialist-PT I1342.pdf

CIS Web Design-FT I1356

Click to download:  CIS Web Design-FT I1356.pdf

CIS Web Design-PT I1343

Click to download:  CIS Web Design-PT I1343.pdf

Design and Media Production Instructor-PT I1405

Click to download:  Design and Media Production Instructor-PT I1405.pdf

Dietetic Technology Program Director-FT I1246

Click to download: Dietetic Technology Program Director-FT I1246.pdf

Drivers Education Instructor-PT

Click to download:  Drivers Education Instructor-PT.pdf

Electrical Construction Instructor-PT I1325

Click to download:  Electrical Construction Instructor-PT I1325.pdf

Electronics Technology Instructor-PT I1251

Click to download: Electronics Technology Instructor-PT I1251.pdf

Engineering Instructor-PT I1324

Click to download:  Engineering Instructor-PT I1324.pdf

Hotel Restaurant Tourism Instructor-PT I1339

Click to download:  Hotel Restaurant Tourism Instructor-PT I1339.pdf

HVAC Air Conditioning Instructor-PT I1409

Click to download:  HVAC Air Conditioning Instructor-PT I1409.pdf

Industrial Systems Instructor-PT I1349

Click to download:  Industrial Systems Instructor-PT I1349.pdf

Nursing Program Instructor Associate Degree-FT I1416

Click to download:  Nursing Program Instructor Associate Degree-FT I1416.pdf

Practical Nursing Instructor-Dept Chair-FT I1411

Click to download:  Practical Nursing Instructor-Dept Chair-FT I1411.pdf

Telecommunications Technology Instructor-FT I1308

Click to download:  Telecommunications Technology Instructor-FT I1308.pdf