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Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Mumford Chase

Chase Mumford, Department Chair
B.S. Mechanical Engineering Technology, South Carolina State
Electromechanical Engineering Technology



Hi, my name is Chase Mumford.  I am the chairperson/Instructor for the Electromechanical Engineering Technology (EMET) program at Albany Technical College. EMET is not a new concept, just a new term to describe the operation of nearly every item we use on a daily basis (telephones, computers, cars, etc.). The EMET program is very versatile allowing you to pursue employment in numerous arenas.  Albany Technical College is the only school in SW Georgia Offering an AAS degree Electromechanical Engineering Technology. We have a viable option for those who want to fast track to a career in Engineering design, fabrication, installation, controls and repair. 

Come take advantage of the EMET program, and receive personalized attention, as the classes are small, and the instructor to student ratio enable me towork independently with students to ensure concepts are being understood. Don’t miss your chance for a ticket that has the potential to allow you to travel the world.  If you’re interested in finding out more information in Electromechanical Engineering or touring the labs, contact me directly at 229-430-6621

University Articulation Agreement:

Student insterested in continuing their education beyond the two year degree are encouraged to take advantage of the articulation agreement between Albany Technical College and Southern Polytechnic State University.  Students may transfer EMET classes into either the Electrical Engineering program or the Mechanical Engineering program at the university.

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Q: What is Electromechanical Engineering Technology?
A:  A combination of electrical and mechanical engineering technology, created with the intention of creating a high-functioning technician with working knowledge of all working systems

Q: How much money does this career pay?
A: The sky is the limit but it really depends on experience level and geographic location (


Q: What can I do with this degree?
A: Be a consultant, engineering technician, sales engineer, designer, junior engineer

Q: Is this a job for women?
A: Of course, in fact the percentage of women in this field is on the rise. Women are also known to be more attentive to details

Q: How long is the program?
A: 18 month, which includes summers.  Generally it takes about 2 years to complete for most students

Q: Is the program hard?
A: You don’t have to be a math or science whizz.  You just have to know that its what you want and work hard for it. Yes there is math and science, but with regular studying, assistance from the SASET staff, and  the additional college assistance at ATC, successful completion is well within reach.


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