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Albany Technical College has decided to change the way we create new student email accounts. We predict this change will offer a greater sense of security for some student users. Effective summer semester, all NEW email accounts will include the last four digits of your student ID number in your ATC student email address.

For example: If your name is Jane Doe, and your Student ID Number is 900123456, then your Email account address will be

Also, students who are currently enrolled or former students with existing accounts will have an opportunity to submit a request and change their email account address. Your past account will be linked to your NEW email account so you should not lose any emails. If you would like to request an email change, or you are not certain on what is your new email address, view the steps below to confirm your email account TODAY:

To Confirm your New Email Account Address from Banner Web:

  • Access 
  • Click on Student Services & Select Banner web 
  • Click on Enter Secure Area
  • Enter User ID, which is your (ATC Student ID No.) Example:  900123456 and  Enter your PIN (Date of Birth) Example:  January 1, 1990 will be 010190
  • Click on Login
  • Click on Personal Information
  • Click on View Email Address


To Request an Email Change:

  • Access
  • Click on Titan Help Desk
  • Click on Submit a Request
  • Fill-In all designated areas with an asterisk (*) which includes:  Your current email address, Your Name, Confirmation of the last four digits of your SSN, Student ID No., Date of Birth, Phone No., Subject and Description of request.
  • Click on submit.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours before having full access to your new email account address.  All requests submitted during the weekend or Holiday will require additional time.  

Remember:  Do NOT share your login information with anyone.