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Gainful Employment Info

Notes about these reports:

  • Placement Rate by Program is based on awards conferred (duplicated graduates). The total placement rate for the college is based on unduplicated graduates - please see separate report #DC108, "Unduplicated Graduates & Placement" for the total placement rate.

  • Programs with Total Placement < 90% are indicated with a red asterisk (*) for Major codes and highlighted in red for PAS groups.

  • A placement rate of "N/A" indicates all placement data for the program falls into one of these categories: Refused Employment, Status Unknown, or Unavailable for Employment.

  • Double-click on either a Major or a PAS Program Area to drilldown to a list of students and their employment status for each award they received.

  • Program names that aren't listed in bold didn't have any graduates during the 14-15 school year.

Total Placement Rate Formula:

Empld in Field + Military + Empld in Rel Field + Empld in Unrel Field + Empld in Field & Cont Ed + Empld in Rel Field & Cont Ed + Empld in Unrel Field & Con Ed + Cont Educ

Numerator + Not Empld


GA Gainful Employment Program Disclosure Reports


Air Conditioning

Auto Collision Repair

Automotive Technology

Building and Facilities Maintenance

Business Logistics Management 

Business Management 

Business Technology


Computer Programming

Computer Support Specialist 

Convergent Telecommunications Technology


Culinary Arts


Dental Assisting 

Design and Media Production

Diesel Equipment Technology 

Drafting Technology 

Early Childhood Care and Education

Electrical Construction Technology

Electronics Technology

EMS Professions

Environmental Horticulture

Fire Science Technology 

Firefighter EMSP

Health Information Management Coding 

Hotel-Restaurant-Tourism Management 

Industrial Electrical Technology 

Industrial Systems Technology

Law Enforcement Technology

Marketing Management 


Medical Assisting

Networking Specialist 

Paramedicine Technology

Pharmacy Technician 


Practical Nursing 

Professional Firefighter

Surgical Technology

Welding and Joining Technology

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