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Academic Affairs

Petty, Dr. Tanjula Vice President of Academic Affairs 229.430.3511
Harrell, Lisa Dean of Academic Affairs 229.430.3602
Griswold, Emmett Dean of Academic Affairs 229.430.3396
Morris, Ashley Dean of Academic Affairs 229.430.3605
Lee, Calvin Academic Advisor 229.430.0555
Robinson, Angela Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 229.430.3662
Calhoun, Roy Dean of Library Services 229.430.1729
Laye, Don Dean/Evening Administrator, Dean for the Technology, Business and Personal Services (Interim), Dean of Public Safety 229.430.3577
Coston, Linda Vice President of Adult Education 229.430.2751
Carter, Marilyn Administrative Support Assistant 229.430.3538
George, Keisha Administrative Support Assistant 229.430.1708
Mills, Carolyn Administrative Assistant 229.430.3600
Nix, Carol Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs 229.430.3518
Sackey, Yolanda Administrative Assistant, General Education 229.430.1941
Windom, Dietra Administrative Support Assistant 229.430.3555
Bell, Kayano Instructional Designer 229.430.3515
Courtney, Dennis Instructor, Engineering/SASET 229.430.0694
McGee, Noreen Instructor, SASET 229.430.0598
Williams, Michelle Director of SASET Project 229.430.2882
Dennis, Matt Dean of Academic Affairs / Healthcare Technology 229.430.1721

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