Admissions and Testing

Name Position Phone Suburb State Country
Bell, Quanta High School Coordinator 229.430.0650
Brown, Barbara Director of Recruitment 229.430.1974
Brown, LaKeisha Admissions Assistant 229.430.0649
Cooper, Carlisa Admissions Assistant- Randolph County Learning Center 229.732.5280
Davis, Beth Student Services Director- Randolph County Learning Center 229.732.5829
Gladden, Gloria Admissions Assistant 229.430.3547
Green, Sherronda Recruitment/Admissions Specialist 229.430.3580
Grimsley, Beverly Admissions Assistant 229.430.4926
Hammond, Irish Testing Specialist 229.430.2709
Howard, Shamonica Career Evaluator/Academic Advisor 229.4320.1216
Morris, Nekitdress Admissions Assistant 229.430.2709
Powers, Kesha Admissions Assistant 229.430.3507