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Administrative Services

Skates, Kathy Vice President of Administrative Services 229.430.3524
Hayes, Janet Director of Accounting 229.430.3525
Hopkins, Bruce Director of Information Technology 229.430.2837
Edwards, Lola Director of Human Resources 229.430.1702
Ackley, Lavon Director of Facilities 229.430.0415
Fowler, Joan Business Office Coordinator 229.430.3527
Moore, Jill Purchasing Coordinator 229.430.3526
Monfort, Phillip Bookstore Coordinator 229.430.3512
Taylor, Bobby Database Administrator 229.430.3590
Cox, James Technical Support Specialist 229.430.3581
Jenkins, Pearlie Accounting Technician - Accounts Receivable 229.430.3055
Gore, Dennis Custodian 229.430.3064
Griffin, Solomon Custodian 229.430.3064
Goodman, Tony Lead Groundskeeper 229.430.3064
Logue, Tonya Custodian 229.430.3064
Scott, Mitchell Groundskeeper 229.430.3064
Terrell, Yolanda (Renae) Custodian 229.430.3064
Alligood, Michael Lead Maintenance Technician 229.809.6511
Norton, Ivey Administrative Assistant to VP of Administrative Services/Cashier 229.430.3057
Gadson, Harold Custodian 229.430.3464

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