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Adult Education

Coston, Linda H. Vice President of Adult Education 229.430.2751
Howard, Alfreda GED® Test Administrator 229.430.0691
Hutcherson, Beverly Instructor, Dougherty Co. Adult Education
Thompson, Freddie Instructor, Baker Co. Adult Education 229.734.1297
Jackson, Daisy Instructor, Clay Co. Adult Education 229.768.3792
Lawson, Robbin Instructor, Lee Co. Adult Education 229.759.3040
LeBlanc, Kristi Secretary of Academics 229.430.6615
McGee, Maureen Instructor, Dougherty Co. Adult Education
Neal, Christopher Instructor, Calhoun Co. Adult Education 229.835.2977
Newberry, Arrie Instructor, Dougherty Co. Adult Education 229.430.1620
Parker, James Instructor, Dougherty & Terrell Co. Adult Education
Saheb, Maryam Adult Education Coordinator 229.430.7881
Schuette, Corrie Adult Education Instructional Coordinator 229.430.3582
Williams, Pedelaphe Instructor, Dougherty Co. Adult Education 229.430.3579
Willis, Taria Transition Specialist 229.430.0659
Wimes, Dianne Instructor, Terrell Co. Adult Education 229.995.6172
Young, Crystal Testing Specialist 229.430.1620

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