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Health Care Technology

Lanier, Latrona Associate of Science Nursing Director 229.430.3698
Day, Lori Chair/Instructor of Surgical Technology 229.430.3552
Garmon, Cathy Chair/Instructor of Medical Assisting 229.430.3542
Laslie, Melissa Chair/Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.1769
McPherson, James Chair/Instructor of EMT/Paramedicine Technology 229.430.3093
Parker, Richard Chair/Instructor of Radiologic Technology 229.430.3546
Blanchard, Jessica Instructor, Medical Assisting 229.430.1720
Darity, Teresa Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.1025
Dervan, Jill Chair/Instructor of Health Information Technology 229.430.2988
Edenfield, Anita Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.3648
Ford, Mary Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.3585
Holloway, Annette Instructor, Associate of Science in Nursing 229.430.3062
Laster, Leona Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.3661
Oliver, Rashae Instructor, Surgical Technology 229.430.1770
Rogers, Don Instructor, Radiology Technology 229.430.3619
Prince, Latoya Instructor, Biology/Anatomy 229.430.3061
Shivers, Katrenia Instructor, Practical Nursing; Nurse Aide Coordinator 229.430.2832
Silas, Saketha Instructor, Practical Nursing 229.430.1042
Nicolai, Shawna Chair of Dental Assisting 229.430.3543
Mobley, Dr. JaNee Chair of Pharmacy Technology 229.430.3596

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